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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are the best coworking spaces in Chennai?


The Executive Zone Anna SalaiSpaces RoyapettahWorkVilla RoyapettahRegus Teynampet, and IndiQube Chetpet, are some of the popular coworking spaces in Chennai.

Q- What is the price of a coworking space in Chennai?


The price of a coworking space in Chennai ranges from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 44,000 per seat/ month + GST.

Q- What is the price of private cabins at a coworking space in Chennai?


The price of private cabins for coworking spaces in Chennai ranges from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 44,000 per seat/ month + GST.

Q- What is the price of dedicated desks at a coworking space in Chennai?


The price of dedicated desks in Chennai ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 19,090 per seat/ month + GST.

Q- What is the price of flexible desks at a coworking space in Chennai?


The price of flexible desks in Chennai ranges from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 9,290 per seat/ month + GST.

Q- What is the price of a virtual office at a coworking space in Chennai?


The price of a virtual office in Chennai ranges from Rs. 950 to Rs. 13,900 per year plus GST.

Q- What is the price of meeting rooms at a coworking space in Chennai?


Price of meeting rooms at coworking spaces in Balewadi  ranges from Rs. 75 per hour for 4 seaters, Rs. 450 per hour for 8 seaters to over Rs. 2,700 per hour for larger conference rooms.

Q- What configurations of private cabins are available at a Coworking Space in Chennai?


All configurations of private cabins are available at a coworking space in Chennai. Teams of 2 to 1000+ can be accommodated in private cabins, managed offices and customised built-to-suit options.

Q- Do coworking spaces in Chennai offer customised space solutions?


Customised space solutions are offered by some coworking spaces in Chennai. Call us for details.

Q- What are the amenities available at a coworking space in Chennai?


The basic amenities like air conditioning, internet and wi-fi, meeting rooms, printer, washrooms, tea/coffee, drinking water are available in most coworking spaces in Chennai. The premier coworking spaces in Chennai however come equipped with house-keeping, reception, recreational facilities, lounges, live kitchen, wellness rooms, gyms, pet friendly policies, cafeterias, nap rooms, parking, elevator, etc. in addition to the basic amenities.

Q- Are utilities like electricity and internet included in coworking prices in Chennai?


Yes, electricity and internet is available at coworking spaces in Chennai.

Q- What are the parking charges at the coworking spaces in Chennai?


Parking charges largely depend on the coworking space and usually range from Rs. 980 to Rs.11,000 per car per month.

Q- Are beverages like tea/coffee/water included in coworking spaces in Chennai?


Most coworking spaces in Chennai offer unlimited beverages, including tea/coffee/water.

Q- What are the timings of a coworking space in Chennai?


The coworking spaces in Chennai have different timings. Some are available for 24*7 access including weekends and nights, while others are available for a specific time, generally from 9 a.m. to 9 p. m.

Q- Is there a lock-in period for coworking spaces in Chennai?


Some coworking spaces in Chennai ask for a lock-in period. However, other co-working offices offer the flexibility of no lock-in period.

Q- Is there a security deposit for a coworking space in Chennai?


Usually, coworking spaces in Chennai ask for a security deposit, however, this depends on the coworking space, tenure, number of seats, and the configuration selected.

Q- Do coworking spaces in Chennai have in-house cafeterias?


Some premium coworking spaces in Chennai come with in-house cafeterias.

Q- What are some of the popular restaurants in Chennai?


Above Sea Level Restaurant, Aqua, Peshawri, China XO, and Board Walk The Restaurant, are some of the top rated restaurants in Chennai.

Q- What are some popular shopping areas and malls in or near Chennai?


The popular shopping destinations in Chennai include the Nexus Vijaya Mall, Express Avenue, Spencer Plaza, Grand Square, and VR Chennai.

Q- What modes of public transport are available to commute to Chennai?


Chennai is well connected by buses, metro, and railways.

Q- Is Chennai connected by metro?


Yes, there are a lot of operational metro stations in Chennai.

Q- What are the closest railway stations to Chennai?


The closest railway stations to Chennai are Egmore and Mambalam.

Q- What are the popular hotels in or near Chennai?


ITC Grand Chola, The Leela Palace Chennai, Taj Coromandel Chennai, Somerset Greenways Chennai, and The Westin Chennai Velachery, are some of the popular hotels in Chennai.

Q- How far is the airport from Chennai?


Chennai airport is within 20 kms from Chennai city.

Top Coworking Spaces in Chennai

Regus, Teynampet, Amarasi Towers

This coworking space in Teynampet, Chennai, is tucked inside the glass-fronted Amarasi Towers. It perfectly integrates a futuristic aesthetic with contemporary features, creating a blend of perfection and style that upholds the Regus history. From the colourful, futuristic workstation on the seventh floor, take in the expansive city views. The workspace offers an ideal setting for holding meetings and talks thanks to its 42 private offices, 2 meeting rooms, breakout areas, business lounges, on-site restaurant, and patio. There is also a provision for it if you would rather have some informal conversations somewhere other than the coworking area. Between meetings, you can have lunch at one of the neighbourhood's restaurants or cafes. For maximum comfort and efficiency, ergonomic desks have been created. There are parking spaces available for people who commute by car, and there are different transportation alternatives, making it simple to get to the coworking space. You'll discover a vibrant community of like minded people at Regus, providing chances for cooperation and development.

Cove Offices, Perungudi, Prince Infocity 1

To support your team's optimum productivity, the productive coworking space in Perungudi has been thoughtfully built with a modern layout that incorporates plug-and-play office sections and many breakout rooms. An open idea was used to design the workspace in order to encourage networking and collaboration among the users. Along with other amenities like 2 and 4 wheeler parking, dependable ultra-high-speed internet, air-conditioned corners to keep you cool during business hours, and all-around protection by DG electricity, ensuring that power outages are never a concern, the managed space offers beautifully constructed private offices for confidential work. The coworking space also includes physical security, a fire-safe structure, and on-site housekeeping, maintenance, and reception services handled by the office's qualified staff. You can work effectively in the workspace's spacious, green areas while also unwinding with a stroll through the Prince Infocity 1 grounds. The Perungudi Bus Stop and the Taramani Metro Station are only a couple of the nearby transportation hubs that are close to the coworking space.

Karya Space, Teynampet, JVL Plaza

The creative coworking space Karya Space in JVL Plaza stands out from the crowd in the bustling city of Chennai. A variety of amenities are provided in this energetic coworking space in Chennai to meet the needs of contemporary workers. Karya Space offers a favourable atmosphere for people and teams to grow with its objective and flexible leasing alternatives. With the help of effective cleaning services, the well-maintained workspace guarantees a tidy and welcoming environment. Even on the warmest days, the air conditioning system ensures a comfortable working atmosphere. The well chosen aesthetic appeal of the space encourages innovation and productivity. The office space provides printing and scanning resources to satisfy your paperwork demands because it appreciates how important convenience is. Any questions or technical concerns can be handled by the professional support staff at any time. To provide the most comfort and concentration possible while working, ergonomic desks are offered.

The Executive Zone, Thousand Lights, Shakti Tower 1

The Executive Zone in Shakti Tower 1, a prestigious coworking space in Thousand Lights, Chennai, offers a variety of services to improve your working environment. The Executive Zone provides flexible leasing choices to meet your individual needs since it recognises the need of flexibility in today's dynamic work environment. Enter a spotlessly kept office where housekeeping services maintain a tidy and structured setting for maximum efficiency. To satisfy your business needs, practical amenities like printing and scanning capabilities are easily accessible. The competent support staff is always available to help, ensuring a seamless working environment. Your comfort and wellbeing are prioritised throughout the day with the use of ergonomic desks. The room's intelligent aesthetic design, which incorporates a mix of modern and contemporary materials, provides an environment that is encouraging for creativity to grow. The coworking space's proximity to convenient transportation alternatives makes it simple for professionals who commute to get there. For those who would rather drive, there are plenty of parking spaces available, guaranteeing a hassle-free journey. The office setting may accommodate a wide range of professionals, encouraging networking and teamwork.

Workafella, Alwarpet, TT Krishnamachari Rd

Alwarpet, Chennai's major business centre, is home to Workafella's agile coworking facility. Due to its welcoming and pleasant spaces, it can end up being your company's second home. The workspace's flexible leasing periods and all-inclusive pricing are advantageous to you. The furnished rental office space is built with your success in mind. They provide an environment that is motivating and only operates in accordance with your preferences, with smart ergonomic components and easy communication. Workafella designs dynamic work environments that value uniqueness, stimulate teamwork among people who are like you and are overworked, and support business expansion. The coworking environment is a vibrant ecology that encourages original thought and continuous output. The space provider works hard to give you the best resources because it thinks that your improvement is a reward for their effectiveness and enhanced performance. A variety of resources are available to give your business operations a seamless journey, starting from customised layouts and easy commute to privacy, safety, and quality leisure time. The Workafella, Alwarpet offers a wide range of advantages, of which these are only a few.

Workafella, Teynampet, Mount Road

Workafella is an agile coworking space in Teynampet that is well located in one of Chennai's rising commercial districts and offers a workspace that can assist you in navigating the new normal. You may focus on your main company and avoid long journeys thanks to the office space in a convenient location. Workafella is a flexible platform for employment, a gathering place for innovators, or an incubator for businesses. Each client's specific workplace demands will be met by the coworking space. Workafella offers completely equipped private offices for rent that are prepared to move into. These areas combine ergonomic conveniences, exceptional functioning, and a beautifully furnished ecosystem of business support. Its high-end workstations can help you steer your business in the direction of success. The conference rooms at Workafella are equipped with tables, projectors and projection screens, a whiteboard, tea and coffee, webcams, and dependable WiFi, ensuring productive meetings for the workspace's tenants.

Workafella, Sholinganallur, Rattha Tek Meadows

Workafella's shared office space is located in Rattha Tek Meadows, a significant business district in Chennai. The coworking space in Sholinganallur can end up becoming a second home for your business because of its warm and inviting atmosphere. Flexible lease terms and all-inclusive prices at the workspace are to your advantage for financial security. The leasing office space is equipped and devoted to the expansion of your business. It provides a motivating environment that only functions in accordance with your preferences, has clever ergonomic components, and facilitates simple communication. Workafella creates dynamic workplaces that celebrate individuality, encourage collaboration among driven individuals like you, and aid in company growth. The coworking environment is a dynamic setting that promotes unique thought and dependable productivity. There are several services available to help you operate your business more easily, ranging from adaptable office layouts and connectivity to security and privacy. These are just a few of the numerous benefits of joining Workafella.

The Hive, Anna Nagar, L3 VR Chennai

The Hive is a high-end coworking space in Anna Nagar that was created to meet the specific needs of its changing tenants. It is a complete ecosystem that can help both current and future generations of businesses succeed and evolve. The workspace provides scalable, flexible, and technologically advanced workplace options through a pan-India network of expertly managed offices. There are many alternatives, so choose a cabin at this cutting-edge coworking space where you and your team can meet to discuss a fantastic idea over rounds of coffee or invite an investor to a nearby restaurant. You have quick access to communal spaces including cafeterias, conference rooms, and game lounges through The Hive. You can also benefit from its high-speed internet connection, concierge services, phone booths, event rooms, and supply of office supplies. Some of the most famous organisations and industry leaders put their trust in The Hive because of the outstanding members of its community.

The Executive Centre, Guindy, Tamarai Tech Park

The Executive Centre is a state-of-the-art coworking facility located in Guindy's thriving Tamarai Tech Park district. You are welcomed by a world of limitless possibilities as soon as you step inside. The Executive Centre is a haven for those with creative spirits, a place of refuge where inspiration strikes and fantasies come true. Its alluring atmosphere encourages creativity and invention by fusing contemporary sophistication with a dash of artistic flair. The coworking space invites a diverse group of workers, each with their own special narrative to share thanks to its flexible leasing options. This remarkable coworking sanctuary may meet your demands whether you're an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a visionary looking for the ideal environment. The Executive Centre takes great satisfaction in offering top-notch amenities and services. Every element is created to foster productivity and success, from ergonomic workstations that adjust to your every movement to the helpful support crew that is always available to help. With cutting-edge printing and scanning capabilities, you can easily bring your creative expressions to life. Immerse in a world of ease and luxury with this flex space.

iSprout, Perungudi, S M Tower

This extraordinary coworking space in Perungudi, which was unveiled inside the prestigious S M Tower, invites you to set off on a journey of limitless creativity and collaboration. When you walk into iSprout, the place buzzes with energy and the whispers of many dreams materialising dance through the air. The room itself is a work of art, with modern design elements and colourful accents that make it resemble a living painting. Flexible leasing options here let in a diverse group of driven individuals who are all fostering their creative goals. The coworking space celebrates your own story and provides the ideal platform for your abilities to grow, whether you're a trailblazing businessperson, an aspiring artist, or a visionary looking for inspiration. Within the confines of iSprout, a symphony of luxury is waiting. Every element has been painstakingly created to inspire your creative spirit, from cutting-edge printing and scanning capabilities to ergonomic workstations built for smooth efficiency. The ever-helpful support staff is prepared to help, making sure that your journey is met with comfort and ease.

IndiQube, Guindy, IndiQube Viceroy

For professionals looking for a vibrant and adaptable workspace, IndiQube offers an urban oasis. This coworking space in Guindy is surrounded by lofty buildings and is situated in the heart of IndiQube Viceroy. This Chennai office space aims to provide a dynamic workplace that fosters collaboration, innovation, and success. The aesthetics of the coworking space are designed with the intention of encouraging creativity and a sense of community. By encouraging excellent posture and general health, the ergonomic workstations create a healthy work environment. One of the coworking space's most notable features is its commitment to flexible leasing alternatives that cater to the various needs of individuals and teams. Whether you're a solopreneur looking for a cosy nook or a growing firm in need of a private office, the managed space offers a number of customizable alternatives to suit your tastes. You can meet other professionals who share your interests in the cosy lounges offered by IndiQube. The multitude of transportation options, simple access to major roads, and public transportation will make your commute convenient and stress-free.


iSprout, Guindy, Kochar Jade

iSprout, a custom coworking space in Guindy, is tucked away in the upscale Kochar Jade neighbourhood of Chennai and provides a doorway to a world where creativity and imagination coexist. The office buzzes with creative energy, a symphony of collaboration and development. Every crevice tells a tale and begs you to explore and learn more. This workplace environment is a paradise for the visionary, from the vivid walls decorated with thought-provoking artwork to the beautifully designed surroundings that radiate elegance and creativity. Diverse brains converge within these walls to create a tapestry of genius and originality. Entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers join together to inspire, encourage, and uplift one another in the thriving tribe that is the iSprout community. Here, the limits of what is possible are broken, and the imagination soars. The staff at the office is like a cluster of guiding stars, always willing to offer assistance and cultivate the seeds of invention. iSprout is a success catalyst thanks to its adaptable workspaces, first-rate amenities, and attention to every need of its clients.

Spaces, Royapettah, EA Chambers Tower II

When you sign up with Spaces, an all-inclusive coworking space in Royapettah, you will receive everything you need to work on one bill. Everything is set up, including the stylish furniture and super-fast wifi. A group of creative business people who would love to meet you is also present. The office space will smoothly manage utility and housekeeping responsibilities, and there will be a single flat fee. Then, everytime you need to have a meeting, produce some copies, or buy some petrol, you simply pay as you go. You are thus continually conscious of your status. Spaces at Express Avenue Chambers Tower II is located near the EA Mall, one of Chennai's biggest commercial hubs. The structure offers breathtaking aerial views of the city on all three sides. The environment-friendly furniture that surrounds this completely secure coworking area substantially improves the atmosphere of the office. 

Awfis, Nungambakkam, Uthamar Gandhi Road

The bustling coworking space in Nungambakkam, near Gemini Circle, is close to thriving commercial businesses, banks, educational institutions, and hospitals and is situated in the centre of Chennai's commercial sector. The centre's seating arrangement includes fixed desks, VIP cabins, flexible desk layouts, and conference rooms. It has a capacity for more than 1200 workstations. The comfy, modular seating in the stylish collabo space may be quickly transformed into an entertainment zone. The fixed work spaces and deluxe cabins additionally have the advantage of being surrounded by a vibrant community in addition to pin-up boards and whiteboards. They only accept NFC-based access cards for entry into their very secure coworking facility, which is monitored by CCTV round-the-clock. Members get access to high-tech facilities like laser printing, video conferencing, high-speed internet, and video projection. Depending on their membership levels, members receive free meeting credits that can be applied to the meeting rooms at any Awfis site. Members also receive free printing credits, tea, and coffee. The office building includes parking alternatives as well as a unique food court with a wide range of foods and drinks that are offered at very reasonable costs.


Smartworks, Guindy, Kochar Globe

When you are motivated by the soft yet energising atmosphere of this finely constructed coworking space in Guindy, Kochar Globe, your productivity is sure to rise. The custom coworking space also has modern amenities and is well-connected. You can go out during breaks and have fun to lighten up a long day because this office space is close to stores, malls, restaurants, recreation areas, and opulent hotels. Take your customers, business partners, and investors out to dinner or just go for a stroll to refresh your senses. You can take a little nap in the workspace's sleep room before returning to work. Additionally, the office setting offers several networking opportunities that may enable you to collaborate with others and motivate you to work harder. Smartworks takes care of all of your demands, allowing you to concentrate your positive energy on completing your assignments, meeting deadlines, and achieving your objectives.



Chennai Overview


Chennai, the vibrant capital city of Tamil Nadu, stands as a dynamic convergence of tradition and progress on the southeastern coast of India. Steeped in rich history and brimming with contemporary dynamism, Chennai presents itself as a living canvas that depicts the seamless fusion of heritage and modernity. With its bustling streets, cultural landmarks, and economic vibrancy, Chennai encapsulates the essence of India's evolving identity. Situated strategically along the Bay of Bengal, Chennai serves as a gateway to both India's maritime history and its global aspirations. Positioned at the crossroads of trade routes, Chennai's geographical location has facilitated its rise as a hub of commerce and cultural exchange for centuries. Its well-connected transportation networks and robust infrastructure further bolster its significance as a pivotal city on India's map. The streets of Chennai resonate with a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary energy. Traditional markets and modern establishments coexist, creating a dynamic commercial landscape. This fusion caters to a diverse array of preferences, offering everything from authentic local crafts to global brands, a testament to the city's multifaceted character. Cultural heritage is deeply ingrained in Chennai's fabric, with temples, historical landmarks, and cultural institutions dotting the cityscape. These architectural marvels stand as enduring symbols of reverence for Chennai's roots. Festivals and cultural celebrations infuse the air with vibrancy and spirituality, uniting residents from diverse backgrounds under a shared cultural umbrella.


Beyond the urban rhythms, Chennai embraces green spaces that provide a haven from the city's pace. Parks, gardens, and open areas offer tranquil retreats for leisurely strolls and moments of introspection. These natural sanctuaries mirror Chennai's commitment to holistic living and environmental harmony, in sync with the city's cultural ethos. Chennai's multicultural population forms the heart of its vibrancy. Families, professionals, and individuals from various walks of life coexist, creating a rich social mosaic woven with shared values and aspirations. This multicultural amalgamation fosters a sense of unity and belonging that enriches the city's sense of community. Commercial vitality courses through Chennai's veins, shaping it into an economic nucleus that resonates with activity. Local businesses, shops, and eateries contribute to its economic vibrancy, reflecting its role as a centre of commerce and entrepreneurial endeavours. This bustling commercial ecosystem mirrors India's growth-oriented spirit and economic dynamism. The culinary landscape of Chennai is an explosion of flavours and traditions. From street-side vendors serving local delicacies to fine-dining establishments offering global cuisine, the city caters to an array of palates. The aromas of spices blend harmoniously with the ambiance of its eateries, inviting residents and visitors alike to embark on a culinary journey that spans cultures and continents. 


Chennai's architecture mirrors the passage of time. Historical structures coexist harmoniously with modern designs, creating a visual narrative that embraces the past while embracing modern aesthetics. These architectural landmarks pay homage to Chennai's historical roots while embracing innovative architectural forms that resonate with contemporary trends. As a city of diverse opportunities, Chennai offers a diverse range of experiences. Museums, art galleries, entertainment hubs, and cultural events enrich the city's cultural landscape, reflecting its commitment to holistic growth. The city's commitment to education, innovation, and entrepreneurship further enhances its stature as a hub of intellectual and economic activity. In conclusion, Chennai stands as a living embodiment of India's tapestry of tradition and modernity. Its strategic location, cultural richness, and economic vitality converge to form a city that mirrors the nation's ethos. As a dynamic crossroads where history intertwines with progress, Chennai captures the essence of India's past while embracing the momentum of growth and change.